After acquiring the rights to publish Star Wars Comics, one of the first stories Dark Horse Comics made was Dark Empire, and it’s still one of the best Star Wars STORIES ever made.  Star Wars: Dark Empire takes place roughly six years after the Battle of Endor and shows the return of two classic characters thought dead:


Emperor Palpatine!

While Boba Fett’s come back is great (who doesn’t love some Fett?) The Emperor’s return is what really brings this story home.  After his death by the hands, eerrr —hand, of Vader on the second Death Star, Palpatine manages to resurrect himself into a new host, a clone made from his original body. With his physical and dark force powers at their peak, the Emperor plans an all out assault on the New Republic.  Luke Skywalker, believing he can save Palpatine from the dark side, the same way he saved his father, goes on a one-man mission to confront and convert the reborn Emperor.

And yeah, it doesn't go so well.


Oh yeah, and the Emperor’s got a new super weapon called…

World Devastators.

Great Story for Star Wars kids of any age, be it 8 years old or 93!

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